About Elegantiks


Our philosophy:

Quality doesn't necessarily mean expensive. Designer or luxury wears, clothing or accessories doesn't have to be something for celebrities only.

Anyone should be able to afford designer apparel and accessories without breaking the bank. This is the aim of ELEGANTIKS.

Created With You In Mind

Elegantiks launched in late 2021 with the vision to create a quality online boutique with a unique shopping environment tailored to confident women and men who are attentive to details. We realized that we wanted to establish a safe and secure shopping environment for you.

Industry-leading partnerships

Therefore, we have partnered up with industry leading suppliers. The items you find on our website are directly sourced from the designers themselves or from official distributors. That is how we can guarantee that all pieces are 100% authentic and come with original tags. We ship from several warehouses in Europe and the United States directly to you.

Empowering Your Life

We speak to the self-aware woman and man. We know, each and everyone of you has her own life story and her own motivation to shop designer fashion.

From our life experience, we also expect that you are looking for a private moment in your busy life when you come to our online store. That is a major influence in how we wanted to create the design of our website. When we created this online boutique, we designed it for one purpose: To connect the confident shopper with a series of celebrated world brands in a safe and intimate environment.

Elegantiks is dedicated to supporting you on your journey to assemble your closet according to your style.

We know: your appearance is a statement. We believe that our products support you in your live's journey, whatever it may be. Perhaps you are an ambitious business person or entrepreneur. Perhaps an influential blogger. Perhaps you are a hard-working mom or dad. Or you may take care of a philantropic organization or volunteer your time for a good cause.

And we also know sometimes you are unable to make a selection for a particular occasion. If you are in that situation, let our AI program help you find a better outfit. Take the quiz now using this link.


And we want to be a part of your life through the items you are wearing in your daily life.

 Get In Touch

We encourage you to contact us with any questions and inquiries and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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